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Lichen Sclerosus

A chronic inflammatory dermatosis involving the vulva and peri-anal skin. Can occur at any age, but its incidence rises at age 40-50 and above. Unknown etiology, thought to be an autoimmune disease.

Most frequent sings: itching, a sensation of irritation or burning, appearance of fissures and small ulcerations due to itch and scratching. The skin may change color and turn white and pale. At advanced stages, scarring may appear, distorting the form of the vulva. The diagnosis is often made by inspection and confirmed by a biopsy.

9x9 & 7x7 Pixelated Handpieces
The 9x9 and 7x7 Pixelated Handpieces can be used for external vagina indications, including lichen sclerosus. Pixel pattern promoting faster healing and a reduced risk of adverse side effects.

9x9 and 7x7 Handpieces - Treatment protocol
⦁ One treatment consist of 3-5 Sessions. Interval period of 4-6 weeks between the sessions.
⦁ One treatment (3-5 Sessions): 3.000-5.000 RON (1.000 RON/session).
⦁ Usually additional sessions are required after one year for maintenance.